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Wound Stop Home Care

Style# WS-4

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Basic Trauma dressing 4"

Description. Trauma Dressing

Color. White

Pad Dimensions. 4” x 4.7” / 10 x 12 cm

4” x 4.7” / 10 x 12 cm non-adherent sterile pads connected to a 4 inch x 5 yard / 10 cm x 2.25 m elasticized Wrapping Leader with Handle Loop, Pressure Applicator and Closure Bar.

Application. Home Care, Sports & Outdoors, First Responders, Emergency Medical Services, Disaster Preparedness, Homeland Security, Search & Rescue, Law Enforcement

Box Packaging. Vacuum packed in a carton box. The inner package features a built-in tear notche for easy opening Box Dimensions: 5.5 cm x 11.5 cm length x 3 cm height.

Part Number. 104002000 Units per box. 180

First Aid Wound Dressing

Designed for treating bleeding accidents at work or play. The all-in-one WoundStop Home Care applies safe, direct pressure to the wound; it immediately stops bleeding and reduces the risk of shock.

WoundStop features include a sterile dressing, cloth wrapping leader and an easy-to-use closure bar.

Clinically proven and Flexible: Applies direct pressure on bleeding wounds to stop bleeding fast on any part of the body.

Simple and Cost effective: incorporates many pieces of equipment into one multi -function bandage that is easy to use, even in self-application. Effective on minor kitchen or office wounds.

Convenient: Facilitates use with compact and long shelf life. WoundStop Home Care is suitable for first aid kits at home or in the office.

Advanced: Benefits from First Care's experience and research in pre-hospital blood stanching products.