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Wilderness First Aid TBA

Wilderness First Aid TBA


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This course is a two day, 16 hour, course covering front and back country emergencies. Perfect for every type of outdoor enthusiasts, one learns the skills and knowledge to provide aid in a wide ranges of medical and traumatic injuries.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a novice outdoorsman, this course will give you the confidence to tackle commonly experienced emergencies using one's ingenuity and available equipment.


This course will be conducted (TBA)

Course Information

Dress: This course is a hybrid course with hands on scenarios and in class lecture. Please wear comfortable durable clothing appropriate for the weather and conditions. Our classes are conducted rain or shine so please come prepaired. Durable close-toed shoes are required with hiking boots recommended.

Food: The students are responsible for supplying thier own food during the course. Each day will allow for a 1 hour lunch break with multple short breaks throughout the course. Light snacks, purified water and coffee will available onsite. Please bring your own water/coffee containers to help us reduce our waste footprint.


This course will be hosted by Regolith Medical Services Int. @