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Quad-Pod "Hardshell" Magnetic Mount System
Quad-Pod "Hardshell" Magnetic Mount System
Quad-Pod "Hardshell" Magnetic Mount System
Quad-Pod "Hardshell" Magnetic Mount System
Quad-Pod "Hardshell" Magnetic Mount System
Quad-Pod "Hardshell" Magnetic Mount System
Quad-Pod "Hardshell" Magnetic Mount System

Quad-Pod "Hardshell" Magnetic Mount System

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Built from corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel, durable composites and rubbers, this ruggedized magnetic mounting system works perfectly to secure and mount our Hard Shell First Aid Kits. With its rapid deployment mechanism, you can ensure that it's both gorgeous and highly functional.  If your looking for the perfect overland or sea-going mount for your exploration beauty, look no further.

We guarantee that you will not find a more durable and simplistic design to securely store your premium hard shell kit. Made right here in San Antonio Texas, you'll not only support a US bases small business with your purchase but you'll also have access to our world famous customer support and Lifetime Warranty. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab yours today and pair it with our one of our full stocked kits or an empty hard shell case to customize how you like.

  • Material: 304 Corrosion resistant stainless steel with a composite magnetic fastener. 
  • Weight: 2lbs (without case)
  • Size: H 7.87" x W 9.2" x 0.12" thick
  • 8 - Infinity Adjustment Anchor Slots 
  • All hardware included
  • Vulcanized Rubber Feet (For vibration and case protection)

Our mounting system was specifically designed around our inhouse case. If your buying our mount for use with another style case, please call prior to purchasing to ensure compatibility.

Installing our mounting system requires you drill holes into the case itself.  Although we provide neoprene washers to help combat any leakages and have done rigorous testing on the to ensure water tightness,  we still recommend that you do not fully submerge your case for extended periods after installation to prevent any unforeseen issues. Keep in mind that once any hard shell case is drilled the water fastness cannot be guaranteed. 

MAKE SURE YOU MEASURE BEFORE DRILLING!!! We are not responsible any damage that may arise from the incorrect installation of our mount this is to include incorrectly centered or miss drilled holes. If you have any questions during installation please contact our customer service for clarification.