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USA Made Universal TQ pouch

Style# TQ-SMXT-B

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COLOR: Black

  • Made in San Antonio Texas 
  • Seat belt webbing is used as the base of this TQ holder and will ensure long lasting and wear resistant performance
  • 1" MOLLE webbing attachment with YKK ring snaps 
  • Pouch will fit the SAMXT, C.A.T and SOFT-W Tourniquets 
  •  Features a black and red woven medical patch at the top.  
  • USA made Duraflex side release buckles hold the tourniquet pouch securely closed.
  • Durable heavy weight woven elastic will not bag out or loose their shape. 
  • This pouch can also be used as a magazine, tactical flashlight, multi-tool, or a general purpose pouch. 
  • Dimensions: 7"H X 2"W X 1.75"D height is variable by approximately 2" 
  •  Tourniquet not included