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Seat Back Molle Panel 15 in x 25 in


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This 15"x 24" modular cold rolled steel molle panel can be used as a stand alone product or with our headrest/seat mount webbing and buckle system. These panels are a great option for hanging and organizing all your gear in a neat systemic fashion. Opt for our webbing seat mount system for an easy "No Drill" install. 

  • Made in San Antonio, Texas 
  • Cold rolled 11 gauge steel
  • Robust textured outdoor powder coating
  • Adjustable bucket seat headrest mounting system available
  • 1/4" drill holes for easy mounting of our Quad Pod quick release
  • Variable webbing slots around the external perimeter  
  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Size: 15in x 24 in
  • Cold rolled steel 
  • Black exterior powder coating

This product was designed as an aftermarket product. Regolith Medical makes NO CLAIMS expressed or implied as to this products performance during normal or extreme conditions including but not limited to vehicle collisions or accidents. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to test and ensure that this product meets the specs and requirements for its intended usage. Furthermore, the purchaser also understands that they should always contact their vehicle manufacture to ensure installation of this product does not inhibit the innate safety features of their vehicle. By purchasing this product, the buyer expresses their understanding of the above disclaimer and that they will be using this product at their sole discretion. 

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