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Wilderness Medical Courses

Regolith Medical is proud to offer a diverse range of Wilderness Medicine Courses designed to meet specific Individual, EMS, and Government needs. The courses available range from Wilderness First Aid to Advanced Wilderness and Remote Conversions for experienced practitioners.

Our Instructors:

All of our primary instructors for the course will have first hand knowledge and expertise on the subject matter being taught. You can be guaranteed that our staff has both the educational background and real world experience enabling them to give you productive feedback and the most comprehensive experience possible. All individuals who instruct our Wilderness Medical Courses have previous Remote or Wilderness Experience. These individuals are still actively rotating on Wilderness or Remote site deployments bringing you the most up to date information and techniques for perfecting your austere practices.


For more information about a specific course or its enrollment requirements please click on the links below to explore all of the courses we have on tap.