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Wilderness First Responder (WFR)

Our, 10 day, 80 hour course provides an in-depth introduction to wilderness emergencies and patient management in the back country. Although geared towards those looking for employment in a medical or guiding occupation, novice outdoor enthusiasts will still benefit greatly from this course. No prerequisite experience is required to attend this class.

Going beyond the knowledge learned in our Wilderness First Aid training, we address the foundational knowledge all guides and medical professionals need to function in a remote environment.

Topics such as patient assessments, traumatic injuries, heat and cold emergencies, evacuation planning, medical emergencies, wilderness medical kit assembly and more are covered. Course consists of approximately 50/50 didactic and hands on training.

Multiple patient care scenarios are conducted throughout the training with a full scale patient rescue conducted prior to graduation.

Course Information:

Course Duration:

10 Days

Certification Received:

Wilderness First Responder (WFR)

Recertification Renewal:

2 years recommended


18 years of age (16+ with a parents permission), AHA or equivalent CPR card

Specific Topics Addressed:

The topics covered in WFR are: Heat/Cold Emergencies, Allergic Reactions,Dermatology, Dive Emergencies, Altitude Illness, Waterborne Diseases and Purification, Wound Care, Splinting, Expedition Planning, Medical Kits, Improvised Litters, Patient Transport, Radio Communications Etc. We follow NOLS Recommended Educational Curriculum and Textbook.

Course Format:

This course will be hosted 8am-5pm for a continuous 10 Day period. Lodging and Food are not included.



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