This course is a civilianized version of the NAEMT TCCC course. It is a recent addition to the NAEMT Tactical Medicine family and is focused on those operating in a tactical environment in a civilian setting.

This course covers the same topics and materials included with a traditional TCCC course with instruction tailored for providers not directly engaged in armed conflict but still operating as a component of a tactical EMS team.

The main difference between our TCCC and TECC course is its increased relevancy to the civilian medical provider. This course will still provide the same immersive and realistic patient simulations and environments as our TCCC course. TECC incorporates the TCCC principles with a more medical centric approach to providing care in hostile environment.

Course Information:


16 Hour Initial (2 Days)

Course Format:

This course will be conducted 8am to 5pm for two days. Breakfast and Lunch are included. Lodging not provided. Please call or email no later than 48 hours after registration to request special dietary considerations.


All equipment and supplies will be provided. We encourage you to bring your own gear to use during this class. Wear comfortable, durable pants and tops, that you don't mind getting stained, with closed-toe shoes or boots. This will be an interactive course. Please do not bring your own firearms to this course.

Certification Received:


Recertification Renewal:

4 years (2 years recommended)


18 years of age (This is enforced due the the graphic nature of the special FX)

Specific Topics Addressed:

The topics covered in TCCC are as follows: Care under fire, Tactical Field Care, Tactical Evacuation Care, Self Aid, Patient Movement, MARCH, S-CAB, TACEVAC, Needle Decompression, Cricothyrotomies, Hemorrhage control (Wound Packing, Pressure Dressings and Tourniquets etc.) and Much More.

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