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With a multitude of instructional services crowding the market, it can be difficult to decide who to use for your CE, Wilderness, Remote and Tactical needs. The answer is simple; REGOLITH Medical Services International.

Why? We are passionate educator/clinicians who are actively employed in our topics of instruction. Our company utilizes dynamic lectures and hands instruction to fully engage our students.

Our partnership with a professional FX Studio also allows us to provide high fidelity scenarios with life like bleeding, wounds and medical simulations.

For our premium Wilderness and Tactical Medicine courses we are able to offer this exciting and unparalleled learning experience. Our scenarios will test your knowledge and grit by providing immersive and life-like simulations. With our realistic productions you can perfect your invasive treatments, therapies and patient management skills before you're called on to do so in the real world.

Wilderness Medicine


Tactical Medicine