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Commercial Services

Specializing in logistical, supply chain and medical services integration, Regolith can provide a'la carte facilitation options or a codified, company centric, action plan for seamless operation integration.

Clinic Staffing

We offer skilled and knowledgeable clinicians for all environments and settings. We maintain a rigid standard for education and clinician performance, ensuring that you don't have to worry about the health and safety of your employees.

With a diverse staff of paramedics, nurses, MD's and psychologists, our clinicians can provide support for all your remote site, high threat, and industrials needs.

Medical Supplies and Equipment

Our robust medical supply chain management service allows for precise management and tracking of products throughout their movement from initial sourcing to point of consumption.

Although we specialize in the buildout, stocking and resupply of remote, industrial and military clinics, we can also tailor our services for more urban applications as well. Please contact us directly to see how we can address your specific needs.